Blast from the Past

Friday morning, up with the lark

Off I went to take a walk in the park!

The sun was up white and shining

On a clear crisp and bright morning!

“Trring trrring” went my faithful ol’ phone

” Hi, remember me ?” said a deep baritone!


“Who? What?? Where?” was all I could say

As a gleaming, speeding car made its way

Screeching to a halt, barely inches away..

I jumped ! And turned back to have my say!

The window rolled down, a face peered out

“You? Its really you?” I heard myself shout!


It had been ages,more than three odd years

Best buddy, shared words, laughter and tears..

All came rushing back, the heart was full

The eyes moist, but the smile was cheerful!

What a blessing is such a deep friendship

No name,no slot – just an abiding relationship!


To take off from where one had left

The years that passed one never felt.

We took a moment together in the park

Then the words began as we walked the talk


They tumbled one after the other in a great rush

And as our voices broke the peaceful hush,

We realized the years  had never been

We were the same, when last had seen!


Wiser now, lined faces, crinkled and mellowed with age,

The bond grew stronger as we shared the same page.

Happy chatter in the car as we made our way home

Eager I was for my family to see and say “Welcome!”

Good friends are like stars You may not always see them but you  know they’re always there.


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