No Time to Grudge

Life is too short to Bear A Grudge.

I believe in this and abide by it too as far as possible.

Having said that, let me hasten to add, I am no saint. I have my faults and weaknesses galore! I am a perfectionist, I am critical, I demand a lot from my loved ones from loyalty to appreciation. I make no bones about stuff I do not like. I am outspoken and honest as far as opinion and views go and more often than not, am brutally so! I have a fairly short fuse and that is evident too.

But despite sounding like as bad as Attila The Hun, the one thing I know I am not is one who bears a grudge. I can rarely do that . However much we may hurt each other or someone hurts me, I can get over that and be cordial friendly or even loving with a clean heart. If it is someone I love, I can do it with as much ease as breathing. I find a reason for whatever they have said and done . Often I can see where I could have behaved differently. And even if I was not to blame even by any stretch of imagination, I can find it in me not bear grudges. Mind you, I never forget…. I have an elephantine memory for words, time and places, but can accept a person with faults. Faults are very evident to me and I see them clearly and from afar but I can still like and love people despite that.                 


As the prompt says life is just too short for bearing grudges. I am often the first one to make up even if I have initiated the tiff / fracas myself. I hate not talking or losing communication with my family friends and even colleagues. I like to keep the channel of communication open through whatever means are available. Be it talking in person, mailing, chatting or calling.


Life is “too short” for a myriad of things and sometimes too long for a few, but I feel I have no time or the heart to bear grudges. I feel uncomfortable till a misunderstanding is settled and the air cleared. I generally do not  like the sun to set on such a problem with anyone I love. I may rave and rant and let all that I feel be there in the space between us, but once that is done, whatever the outcome I do not like it coloring the rest of the day, relationship or life. I usually go all out to do this.

 With whatever it takes! Life is beautiful – grudges are ugly!


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