Recently I met up with an old friend from high school at a local cafe to catch up. I hadn’t seen him in 3 years since we graduated. He is unmarried and traveling the world. Our conversation turned to parenting, and he marveled at how many people our age are starting to have kids. He was playing with Shubh, when I remarked that he was good with kids and that he’d be a great dad someday. He said, “yea…but then I’d have to take care of them, that would suck...” I nodded, knowing all too well how hard parenthood is.
I thought about it later, and what he said stuck with me. As we all know, taking care of a child is no easy task. It is 24/7. From cleaning, to changing, to feeding, to playing, to sleeping, it is non-stop in a way that there is NO time for anything else. I mean, there isn’t any time to use the washroom on any given day. Raising a child is not for the faint of heart. Raising them physically, emotionally and spiritually is a heavy task full of trials and errors. Parenting is a lifetime commitment to be there for your child – not just when they are little, but when they are adult too.
But then I thought, as much as we take care of our children….
they also take care of us…

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