Reality ??

Sometimes, when I least expect it, I get this strange thought…. and when I do I actually have to stop what I’m doing and ponder it over. It strikes me- I’m here. I’m alive. I’m actually on this earth along with millions of people like myself, going about life’s activities. Or am I? Is this even real? Is this maybe the manifestation of someone’s dream or imagination? Maybe any minute now that person will wake up and everything we know will vanish in a puff of logic… Which seems pretty much like me saying- What is real and what’s not? Then I regain my senses and go about doing whatever it was I stopped, till the next time this notion comes floating back in my head to perturb me again for a while or maybe more… this… who knows, maybe the reality……?


6 thoughts on “Reality ??

  1. I just had this converstation with my husband. Think about it? We all have a unique and identifying set of DNA. What does this say about us as a race? Was that God’d plan for us, (I’m a practicing Catholic and my husband is a practicing Jew), OR does it say/mean more? It certainly raises questions for the Faithful. One can only wonder, right?
    Great, thought provolking piece.

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    1. I second your thoughts. My point here is why should we have a prejudice on whether to believe or not. Not believing on something is always easier than believing. Why should we not explore and then decide what to do? Why to keep a mindset that a particular thing is something that should not be believed on?

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      1. I believe the truest testement of intelligence is continual learning and questioning. The second we think we “know it all,” is the moment we find ourselves in serious trouble.


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