As simple or as complicated as that

I believe, somewhere along the way, we all forgot that our careers are a means to an end. The reasons one worked used to be money, power or at the best – fame. Slowly, there is a change being observed and these reasons are being overshadowed by reasons like personal gratification and a sense of achievement. What is fading away is the concept of “shared goals”. It is more “I” versus the previous “We”.

The ends of the whole ‘work’ exercise have now become the ‘means’. The big car that was once a milestone, is now often just a faster way to reach office. The ‘vacation’ that the family used to save for has now been transformed into a quick ‘getaway’ to re-energize oneself for next month’s targets. Birthdays, anniversaries and occasions are often sidelined due to late hours, pressing deadlines and numerous tours.

I often wonder if it all is worth it. What will one get by living her/his life as a self-sustaining island and only reach out if they need momentary reassurance. Marriages are breaking up by the dozen, people are putting off having children, women are as much in the workplace as men – leaving home just an empty house to sleep in. It concerns me that we increasingly don’t give enough importance to taking time out for people we love, that we don’t sit and gaze at the stars anymore….that we just always seem to be in a tearing hurry.

Sure, I like my job and I love the money I make. But somewhere deep inside my heart, lives a man who almost wishes that times were different. Sometimes, we need to slow down…stop for a moment and look around. We may find that the important milestones in our life are not necessarily paydays or the first promotion…but rather the first hug, the sound of a baby’s heartbeat or as simple as a rose on a special day. It is in these simple joys of life that we fine the true meaning of life and if we look hard enough – ultimately find ourselves.


18 thoughts on “As simple or as complicated as that

  1. Awesome post!! I truly agree! We’ve become so attached to the monetary gain or successes that we’ve lost sight of the really important things that money can’t buy! It’s an unfortunate place to be in. Life has a way of demanding so much that it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the ride along the way!

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  2. Ah, so close to my thought process these days! What is the whole point of working so hard to make your life better, the life you will hardly see because you are so busy working.
    I hope, wish, pray that sense prevails someday and we find that right mix of things that matter.


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