The Right Age…


The concept of ‘The Right Age’ is a universal one. People might differ when it comes to race, caste, sex, religion but there is a thought that binds them together and that is this concept of ‘The Right Age’.

Even before the sperm got its head inside the egg and screamed ‘Ooh Baby!’, the life which might be born after 9 months was forever marked with this concept of ‘The Right Age’. And once it falls out of its mother’s ‘You-Know-What’ into the dirty hands of this ugly world, the clock starts ticking. The wheel of the Right age starts moving.

The right age to start walking, the right age to start talking, the right age to chuck that breast milk and eat some sambar rice, the right age to go to kindergarten, the right age to hit the school and even the right age to have your first period (if you are a girl that is, or else something is very wrong). No, it does not stop there because right after all that you have the right age to join college, the right age to drink, the right age to have a job, the right age to marry, the right age to get laid, the right age to have a baby and then the right age to decide all the right ages for your child. It is like the bus in the movie ‘Speed’ which has to keep running in order to prevent itself from blowing up into a molten junk. It will only end with our death.

Now what if I decide to mess up with all of that? What if I decide to start walking a year later than expected or what if I play with the right age to have a drink or what if I want to prepone the right age for coitus and postpone the right age of marriage? What if I want my own set of ‘Right Ages’ made on the spot and untouched by what the society expects from me?

I hear people say ‘This boy is 27. This is the right age to get married’. I want to genuinely ask these enlightened souls “I never knew that Moses stood on Mount Sinai and screamed out the 11th commandment ‘Thou Shalt Enter Wedlock at Holy 27’. Please tell me more about it, will you? ”.

Society is like USA, while your little pitiful life is like a forlorn country trying to fight its own battles, have a sincere government and make the ends meet. Society bombs you down and beats your dreams, all the while thinking that only good is resulting out of this. Society is a confused leech, sticking to you and feeding on you, yet thinking that it is actually helping you. It is our fault actually.

So the next time someone tells you what the right age is for you, tell them that it is their right age to mind their own business. Next time you are told that now is the right time for some wedding show time, ask them whether they are the last descendants of the Mayans who were too concerned even about the right age to celebrate an Apocalypse. And if ever someone tells you that you should have some kids before those eggs stop hatching, tell them that you are as fertile as Halle Berry who is popping out a kid at the age of 47.

Because the right age is a personal aspect and unless you are a puppet, you will make your own choice.


21 thoughts on “The Right Age…

  1. Nailed it.
    But there is also a need of reaching a certain maturity level when you decide your right age for doing things. Like an 8 year old asking for beer is something most people won’t agree on. So it’s really a task deciding the right age for kids. But obviously when you’ve grown and ‘society’ asks you to do things like marrying at 25, seriously, show them the finger.

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    1. Do you seriously think a kid of that age would be so matured to know the pros an cons of what is doing? I don’t think so. Here’s where the role of parents and society comes into play. Everyone wants to “fit in” in this ever changing fast paced world 🙂


    1. Social desirability is something that each of us swear by. We go to great lengths to be accepted by other social beings. It is almost like people are driven by the need to be loved and accepted by others. Our activities, opinions and how we behave, are pivoted in a manner that we are more acceptable to people. In the pursuit of being ‘socially acceptable,’ we kind of lose ourselves. We are enslaved by our thoughts that push us to become more ‘socially acceptable’.


  2. LOL! Sounds like the pressures of Indian culture are weighing on you – “beta it is time now, you must take a bride…” #gotthattshirt and still didn’t put it on! I write about how it’s never too early or too late to live the life you want, and this is about why we think that in the first place! Nice post!

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    1. Haha been shielding myself from this brouhaha since past five years. But then, as I see the people around me getting married, I just don’t know what to make of it..sometimes I feel I’m entrapped in this vicious circle. 🙂

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  3. I agree with each word you wrote, yes society is a bitch and that’s why I decided to change this world. As the first step I have started to share my own thoughts through my blog. It would mean a lot to me if you could review my writing and tell me your thoughts.
    Thank You


    1. You’re a spark plug for good. Thanks for igniting something amazing 🙂
      I read few of your posts and I love how you let your thoughts play by. But then, I have some advice for you. Always make sure that your posts aren’t lengthy (You can continue your story in another post, in case you don’t wish to trim the lines), that way it generates the suspense. Lastly, I’m immensely proud of your gratitude towards making a difference.

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      1. Thank you so much for that genuine review. I am really glad that you enjoyed it. Right now I write around 1800 words in a post, how short should I make it.
        Once again I appreciate the help.


  4. This is such a wonderful post. Thank you for writing on this issue!! I am so against the society dictating the rules, especially for girls. Though there has been a lot of change in the past few years, but there is still a long way to go before people get freedom from these mental shackles binding them.

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    1. We are the society of dual standards, There is a huge gap between our expectations and actions. We have beautifully compartmentalized our notions of sacred and profane so much so that anyone trying to do even the right thing is looked down on.

      We are proud of our glorified past to the extent that we practically defy our present. and that in my opinion is the sole reason of the existence of deep rooted dictation of society in India. Today’s situation is much better than what it was 10 years back. We are catching up! Change doesn’t happen at once. It will take time.

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  5. I laughed out loud at this! “I hear people say ‘This boy is 27. This is the right age to get married’. I want to genuinely ask these enlightened souls “I never knew that Moses stood on Mount Sinai and screamed out the 11th commandment ‘Thou Shalt Enter Wedlock at Holy 27’. Please tell me more about it, will you? ” 😂😂😂

    I’m 27 too and, idk, it seems like all the cool kids are doing it now. A lot of my friends yammer on about babies these days. I’m working on finding younger friends.

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  6. I really enjoyed your post. I remember when I graduated from college in 1970 my mother informed me that young ladies who aren’t married come home to live. I didn’t know that was what she thought and was astounded. I had moved from Florida to Seattle to go to college. I chose a college that far away, primarily to get way away from home, and I certainly wasn’t going to go back after four years of freedom!

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  7. True…
    Specially when it comes to marriage they force you to get married just bcoz it’s the right age according to them, otherwise you will not get a good match.Every person is different and one should understand their Choices.

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