When I was growing up

Gender discrimination! A practise that doesn’t wait to see the light of the day, or the dark of a quiet night. It is followed and played out in full patriarchal consensus – with pride, with force, with fear, with conditioning. Habiba’s thought provoking post enlightens the struggle a women goes through her daily life.

Penning Some Life

Calling back, I was a girl born where sexes were treated unequally which continues to date. I was one of the weaker sexes, as my people portray. Feminine and masculine were two terms I learnt in school with one-sided definition each. I always wondered if it was ever in one’s own hand to bear the sex of choice. Woefully, I had to believe in the bitter reality, it was never in the tiny hands of mere humans. Day by day I lived in the segregationist environment which stressed my brain to shape as it demanded. Hence, I grew up as a Rebellion to this intriguing society. In the age of fantasizing things, I rebelled with the power of intuitions.

“Girls play with Dolls and Boys play with Cars” was being narrated to all. Kids were scolded when they showed affection for something different or out of the restricted norms of…

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3 thoughts on “When I was growing up

  1. Thank you for Re-posting Neal!
    The struggle to fight inequality is challenging in many ways for every survivor. I just hope that one day sexism becomes one of the most discouraged practices, whereas, equality and justices comes in practice and to its right standard which every society would need, underdeveloped ones in specific.
    Thank you to all the fellas liking and leaving comments here. Your valuable feedback means a lot to me.
    Author of Penning some Life



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