It is not too difficult to liken life to flying a kite. You hold it back too much and it won’t ever fly too high. You cut the string too much slack and it will easily come down. To think that there is a balance possible between the two is also rather silly. Life is unpredictable, you can’t measure and predict everything. You have to read the wind, stay nimble on your feet, adapt and learn to dance with the elements, much like finding a rhythm and a melody in even the rocking of a paper boat in a choppy drain.

Bondage is the essential human condition. Try as we may, we are always bound to something. Even trying to be not bound is being bound to being unbound. Thus the whole circus about being free or measured or footloose and fancy-free etc really amount to nothing. We will always have a bit of our past, a bit of the future, the shell of our bodies and the limits of our abilities and imagination keeping us at bay.

The beauty in life, though, is when, on occasion the kite holds its own up there in the skies. Unfortunately, those moments are rare and the recent past has seen very few of them in my life. It is easy to then imagine the pleasures of the promised land and the lovely sunshine of the future as a way out, but that seldom does little to ease or lighten the burden of the present. Life really comes full circle when, even in the farthest of places, the people and things who are the most distant are still the closest to you.

What often happens in my case then is a descent into a mechanical existence, letting the thoughts roam free like ghouls on a dark plain, devouring anything and everything it encounters, As I have grown older it has become harder to suppress them. It is marginally better in terms of torture to let them run their course, do their nasty work and then pick yourself up. Finally, when the clear light of the day shines through the carnage left behind is not often a pretty sight. There is always a price to pay and life is something that I can’t ever afford to stall.

P.S – Taking a Break !



27 thoughts on “UNTITLED !

      1. Well because your take on life requires deep cognition, while I still have a lot to figure out…so it’s kind of difficult to criticise something which you haven’t fully understood yet..therefore, I’ll have to learn more about life first. I know I should have known by now, I’m not a little girl anymore, but there’s so much to discover yet.. It’s gonna take some time. And coming back to the part of criticism, there is really none..this is your point of view, which is quite interesting as you crafted your thoughts beautifully with words..so it’s truly praiseworthy! ☺


      1. There is much asked and only so much I think I can or should answer, and so, in this post I would like to give a few thoughts on what seemed to be the overwhelming question: β€œWHY?”
        And here is the best answer I can give: Because.
        Because sometimes, life is damned unfair.
        Because sometimes there aren’t really answers to our questions except for what we discover, the meaning we assign them over time.


    1. Mostly I love reading anything on life, especially, the way you write but I truly never try to define it. esp. on reading it. Lol I do try to understand a moment, present past or anything. Life is too big a word to be defined. It’s not a story or any written or spoken form of expression either. Defining does comes through words, living never. It cannot be contained into words. It is very natural that… My perspectives. πŸ˜€

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    1. Not knowing what you want is a lot better than knowing exactly what you want but not being able to get it, at least you have hope.
      Life isn’t predictable and the solutions we seek to answer our life questions don’t always come nicely wrapped. There are no rules to follow and we have to work hard to define our life pathway. Waking our conscious minds to accept our reality, embrace change and the unpredictability of life, is one step toward finding out what we need to do next in our life.

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      1. You’re right but it’s difficult to explain what I mean, life comes in phases, a few years ago, my reply to this post would have been “wow such a beautiful take on life!” Don’t get me wrong your post is still beautiful but only now I totally sympathise with your title and post because life could be very simple or it could massively complicated, far from simple. And it comes in stages, I think.
        I know what I want but I’ve come to realise your life is not just your own but those around you affect to very extent (unless you severe ties and run away, I’m not that kind.)
        So to make any sense, like your post and comment, I am just trying to say, life is too complex a system to make sense(not all times at least) the best we could do probably is to keep moving.

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      2. Sorry to butt in, but I like how this thread is going between you two. πŸ™‚

        I’ve been both kinds of extremes – (1) me who spends too much time overthinking/over-analyzing and (2) me who just didn’t give a rat’s ass – excuse my French – as you put it, “life is too complex a system to make sense,” thus I just kept living a day at a time. While they started saying it was kind of stubborn of me, I actually liked that me better! LOL

        I like how this piece sheds light on man’s craving and lifelong search for equilibrium and stability. The irony in our own thirst for freedom (as the kite) when we can’t even let go of our yearning for control or to be controlled (as of the string attached). Great work, Neal!

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      3. I have became a fan of your perseverance Sophia. You have been such a great fighter all through your life and I do hope that you deserve everything you wish for. πŸ™‚


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