Chaturthya (Fourth Day) — Pradipta’s Blog

This Queen of Barot has always amazed me with her distinctive writing style. I always take a special kind of wisdom from each story, each character that she weaves. Although, not a regular here on word press, her posts be it poems, stories on Instagram are a testimony to the genius talent she harbors within her.


By Pradipta Dutta (copyrights 2017) Prologue Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaaram Ekam Unborn, Beyond Imagination, Formless and Absolute Niraanandam Aanandam Advaitam Poornam Beyond Bliss, the Absolute Bliss, Indivisible, Whole Param Nirgunam Nirvishesham Nireeham The Best Among the Best, Attributeless, Obtainable, Desireless Para Brahma Roopam Ganesham Bhajema To That Form I Worship That Is Most Supreme…

via Chaturthya (Fourth Day) — Pradipta’s Blog


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