It is amusing to note how often we lean on metaphors to reach out to people known and unknown. Such is the human condition that ‘the connection’ is deemed to be of a greater importance than what it actually connects to. You could be talking about apples, I could be talking about oranges, but as long as both you and I are convinced that we are talking about round fruits that taste nice we could start embracing each other by using “like” and its variants as a rule in every spoken sentence.

We can build personal connections, we can build an entire civilization on such things. An embrace, a handshake or any other gesture is often nothing beyond a metaphor. A metaphor for warmth, friendliness and any other value we have deemed that it holds. If there were to be a raid on the human subconscious and should the aliens take away our metaphorical glands, what would remain of us in this little world of ours?

Will it herald a world of unique moments, unattached and individual? Would we still seek and reach out to one another if there is no “like” to hold on to to? If your apple and my orange are different from the outset, will we still continue to talk about fruits? Is what we call “identity” nothing but a sheer lack of it and a deference to the collective?

9 thoughts on “Connections

  1. The digital world and its million mortals under its ‘smart’ spell will be despair and mourn the loss of the one gesture that keeps their digital strings attached – the ‘like’ button. But on a more serious note, the thought on the ‘metaphors’ that keep us going is one that has never struck me. Your questions have left me thinking, Neal.

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  2. I’d like to believe that there is more depth to people than a metaphorical connection, Neal. Are you saying that a lot of the time people mis-understand each other? Are you saying that people are more disconnected than they like to think? I must say I’m not sure what you mean, and I’ve read it quite a few times! You appear to be on page 1, while I haven’t even opened the book yet – how’s that for a metaphor? lol

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    1. You see the strand that connects us are frail, so it’s better not to hang great weights with slender wires. And hushh! I don’t think it’s that hard to decipher my thought Marie. Kindly read the second line again. 🙂

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