Time zones

Day and night is the difference between clocks, time zones, the time we go to sleep and the time we wake up. Overriding all of those is the consideration of light, whether it is making its first appearance in the day for the world or if it is its last. I’m listening to a famous bit of chanting that is urging the lord to wake up, uttering the wishes of a good morning over and over again, like the turning of the days into one and into another. Days, like all else, are a man-made bifurcation, ably aided by the fancies of nature.

In short, there is no bifurcation of time, nor of memories. Of things you have missed. Of things you can’t have, but that you still yearn for. Of things that mean a lot to you, but those that you have conditioned yourself into admitting that they represent little, while they still represent a lot. Of all the things still embedded within you. The fingerprints of a past you have left behind are the hardest to hide even when it is buried a thousand feet into the earth, into your conscience. There is, after all, a good morning, every time, may it be to the lord or not.

Thus seen, it is a grotesque misinterpretation to greet the good morning with an uninterrupted continuation of the previous. Night it may be, but it is a morning all the same. The mind and body are malleable as any hybrid metal. Feed it enough of the right fodder and it will gallop in a direction that can otherwise be deemed awful. It can bend without breaking, it can break without disintegrating. We are our own engineering marvels. Our realities are a creation of our fantasies that contain just about enough reality as we deem it right to make our days more livable.

Empirically, logically and rationally this should be easy. We have done the math. The sums are right. They add, they subtract, they divide and multiply just right. Then why do I struggle with the implications of a few lines that were not even written for me, or for anyone I know? We should be able to ignore this. We have been through this drill enough times already. But then why does this bring all of it back as much as it does?


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