An Ode to being almost 30

It is an age that sounds so strange and foreign. When you are taking that big leap into your twenties, you feel like you have a lot more to look forward to. You are in your prime and feel that you can do anything with your life, but when you hit thirty, it feels as though you are in crisis mode, wondering where did your life go and how have you not managed to be able to accomplish all that you thought you could have by now. There is also a somberness to the moment. A coming of peace, if you will, that you have kind of finally made it to adulthood and not to worry, you still have a lot of life left ahead!

Those who extolled the virtues of the 30’s in response to my expressions of fear were adamant that one of the best things about these years is the fact that you no longer have to worry about turning 30, silly though that may sound. With that perceived deadline now almost a part of history from tomorrow, the pressure dissipates and the freedom to do the things that we really want and are destined to do – whatever those may be – begins. Decisions become bold because we take off the shackles of fear and allow them to be.

That’s the reality of thirty, and so far it’s been fun.

PS- Happy Holi to Everyone.

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